TEDxUPF 2019:

Wake up call

Universitat Pompeu Fabra,
Campus del Poblenou
2 April 2019

What we are

TEDx is a global movement devoted to bringing Ideas Worth Spreading to communities around the globe through independently-organized TED-like events.

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Calling all students

If you are willing to be onstage with this year's speakers make sure you do not miss the chance of giving a talk a TEDxUPF. We are waiting to hear the unspoken from you!

Featured talks from past editions

Drones for demining

Marc Beltran

People are more and more aware about new technologies, Black Mirror already shows us a pessimistic future where they have absorbed us. But what if these technologies can help us save human lives?

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Science or arts? Science and arts

Cèlia Ventura

We all know that left side of the brain is all about imagination, creativity, intuition… Arts! On the other hand the right side uses linear thinking, mathematics, logic, facts… Science! This being said, is it actually true?

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Turbios límites entre la amistad y el amor

Joan González

No podíamos dejar pasar esta edición sin hablar del amor. Pese a ser un tema tan tratado, Joan González nos presenta una nueva vertiente. Perfilaremos el concepto del amor. El amor entre el límite y el flujo.

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